Following Through: Answering the Passion Questions

The question that stops everything you do..

We have all been asked this question. It seems that we had a better idea when we were kids of what we all wanted to accomplish or do and as we grew older we lost touch with the ideas we had or lost interest for whatever reason.

There is always a lot of stress that follows this question and it stops us dead in our tracks. “What is your passion?” Every time that I get closer to answering this question I freeze and overthink it because of my multiple interests. So the points I will cover will be answering the different questions I have found on different websites/vlogs that really stuck out to me.

The First Part: Listing your interests

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” Simon Sinek.

Almost every blog that I have read and every video I have watched on this topic all say to start by listing your interests. Most of us have fallen short of this task because we don’t hold ourselves accountable, which is why I am writing this out as a blog post and soon to create a video on it.

My main interests that get my blood pumping due to the excitement is; videography, motorcycles, traveling, career topics, and business. When I talk about any of these topics, the conversation can last for hours. You might say that each of these is a passion of mine. Now, I need to mainly pick one to work hard on the build something great out of.

The Second: Listing your Fears

Charlie Houpert from the youtube channel Charisma on Command released a video a year ago asking 4 questions to find your passion. When I watched the video he asked his viewers, “Where do you fear judgment?” 

This question stood out because fear has always been one of my chains holding me underwater drowning in waters of frustration. When I think of what I want to make videos of I am mostly afraid of getting something wrong and costing someone an opportunity. That reason alone kept me from writing on my blog and creating videos on topics I am truly passionate about.

I am worried that if I create a video on career and someone follows my advice and fails that I won’t have the right answer to help them recover. That is where learning comes in.

Conclusion: Why only two

So why am I only listing two questions? Because I feel that the other questions that are asked add to the frustrations.

Imagine you go to an RV/Travel Trailer Dealership. When you show up you have a clear picture of what you want. However, when you take your first step into the first RV you see, the options overtake you. Which is why it’s important to take steps on topics that are frustrating. When you take small steps it is easier to stay focused on your goal. Too many options/tasks = more frustration.

These questions I answered for myself are my first steps to stay focused on my goal, to be independent.

Answering the two questions above have given me my why, my personal statement. To use video to inspire others to live free.

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