5 tips to consider when starting over

Don’t you ever wish that you could start your life over?

It’s something that I think about every now and then. I mean, there will always be a few decisions that I really wish I could have a do-over with.

My sophomore year of high school was a busy and difficult year.

A few things that I did in my sophomore year that made it busy included:

  • Cross Country (State Qualifier my first year.)
  • Drivers’ ED (Passed with only taking half the class)
  • Swimming (Mostly Back Stroke/Free Style)
  • Tennis (My 3rd Year on the H.S. Team
  • Church (Youth Worship Team Violinist)
  • Videography (First Place Desert Suns Film Competition in Documentary 🙂 )

These instanced were the bright side of the year for me. Did I need a restart in life? Not really. Just looking at what was presented you would most likely think that my life was well.

Where was the difficulty?

It was with my family. While I was focused on school, things would happen at home.

Ultimately, arguments would break out because of how busy I was, even though I was doing a lot at home as well.

We knew that we were moving to Florida for a few months before that school year even started. I wanted to leave knowing I made a mark in my school.

That is where this blog post starts.

1. Live your life making marks in people’s lives and in the organizations you work with or visit. 

When I moved from New Mexico to Panama City, my social life restarted. I had to make new friends, and become known yet again.

So I decided to do my best to make my mark in people’s lives that I would interact with.

How will you affect those around you? Positively or Negatively? A big decision that could change how others will view you.

2. Identify those that you want to be around.

This will probably be a hard thing to do if you are a little introverted like I was. (Not anymore)

Among the first of my new friends in Florida were several members of the school swim team. I decided early on that I would focus on becoming a better swimmer and that I would get along with those who had similar goals in mind.

By thinking about you want to do and affiliating with like-minded individuals you will be able to decide which club to join or vice versa, by knowing a club to join you’ll be able to affiliate yourself with like-minded individuals.

3. Join a club

Being a part of a big club helps in certain aspects. For instance, being on a swim team helped me after school earn a job as a lifeguard. All that I had to do was self-evaluate the skills earned in a certain club.

Being in JROTC, I was given a class job of handling logistics which helped me get a job after I graduated working in a warehouse shipping products sold on e-bay.

Joining a club/team/sport is about showing commitment and the will to learn new things and grow. All you need to do is find where it could be valid in a profession. It’s not just about building a network. (It is a big plus side.)

4. Focus on your new future

Moving to a new area can cause a big shake-up in your future plans. It did for me because of the new opportunities.

Everyone will have a different experience with their own moves depending on where you come from and where you go. Some of this is because of the changes in the local economies.

When I moved, there were more opportunities in my new town that I learned about.


5. Remember where you came from

Remember all the good and the bad because that is what makes you who you are. I remember my struggles which is why I tweaked a few things in my life to grow faster.

Remember the lessons you have learned and where you went wrong so you do not make the same mistakes. I learned from my families mistakes as well as my own.

I decided to be more social in my new school which allowed me to become an extrovert in a few years gradually.


Remember to always keep on learning. Also, what are some tips you can think of when starting over?

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